Volvo P2 Tuning

We offer Stage 1-3 Tunes to all P2 Volvos – We don’t have dyno info for all stages, if you don’t see the numbers you’re looking for, please contact us. Check out our Tuning Blog for any dyno sheets. We also offer VIDA or OBD2 logging adjustments.

Volvo S60/V70/XC70/S80/XC90 2.4T

STOCK: 200hp/211lb-ft
STAGE 1: 239hp/286lb-ft
STAGE 2: 255hp/298lb-ft
STAGE 3: 265hp/310lb-ft*

Volvo S60/V70/XC70/S80/XC90 2.5T

STOCK: 211hp/236lb-ft
STAGE 1: 250hp/290lb-ft
STAGE 2: 260hp/300lb-ft
STAGE 3: 270hp/310lb-ft

Volvo S60/V70 T5

STOCK: 257hp/258lb-ft
STAGE 1: 307hp/301lb-ft
STAGE 2: 311hp/315lb-ft
STAGE 3: 322hp/330lb-ft

Volvo S60/V70 R

STOCK: 300hp/258-295lb-ft
STAGE 1: 330hp/338lb-ft
STAGE 2: 343hp/410lb-ft
STAGE 3: 354hp/442lb-ft

Volvo S80/XC90 T6

STOCK: 272hp/280lb-ft
STAGE 1: 330hp/353lb-ft


Stage 1-3: $749
Stage 1-3 Upgrades: $199
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Custom Tuning: Contact us for Pricing
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