Shark Performance Volvo Tuning Process

1> Our order form will ask you to fill out information about any hardware modifications, throttle mapping preferences, octane level, DTC code reader options etc.

2> When we receive an order, we use your VIN to check the car’s software versions from VIDA to make sure we use the correct software as a base for your tuned map.

3> We ship handheld to you (see post about handheld instructions) and at the same time start the work on your tuned map and depending on modifications and customizations it might be ready as soon as you receive the handheld device and you can flash the tuned map to the car. The handheld always comes with Stock map as well.

Some additional FAQs:

Speed limiter, O2, catless DP, troubleshooting tune?
We can do all that and it’s all included in the price, we don’t believe charging for every small option separately like most tuners do and in most cases you also have to buy their tuning device separately.

Why not Antilag?
There’s a reason racecar engines are rebuild often.

Why not E85?
We can do it for a cost but to be honest for most people it’s too much of a hassle, Volvo’s fueling system is not really build for E85 and requires lots of hardware upgrades. Also switching back and forth with regular gas and E85 is quite painful.

You can still play with E85 thou, we did track testing with our Stage 3 Volvo V50 T5 we we’re able to run 30% E85 perfectly fine on track. Going above 30% caused car to start misfiring – we logged all the sessions with VIDA.